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Kelloggsville Church

Statement of Purpose:

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Specialized Transitional Minister: Rev. Ron Bouwkamp

- Sunday morning English-only worship service 9:30 am -
- Sunday evening Bilingual worship and Bible classes for all ages 5:30 pm -
Kelloggsville Church is located at 610 - 52nd St. SE 
On 52nd St. between Eastern and Division Avenues, Kentwood, MI

Sunday, October 4 at Kelloggsville

KCRC morning worship - 9:30 am

It is All Nations Heritage Sunday. We welcome church member, elder, and Director of Chr. Ref. World Missions Dr. Gary Bekker as our preacher. His sermon, titled “God the Building Contractor”, is based on Ephesians 2:11-22.

french language service - 12:30 PM

French language service led by Pastors Mitogo Opira and Fran Mitogo. This independent group currently meets in Room 4 downstairs.

chin worship - 1:00 pm

Chin language service led by Pastor Bawi Lian. This independent congregation meets in the gym.

KCRC evening worship - 5:30 pm

Join us for our evening discipleship service for all ages. Bilingual (Eng/Span) opening worship, followed by Bible classes for all ages. Children/youth classes are in English only, and adults will be split into groups by language - one Spanish class, and one English class. Click here for details on this fall’s class offerings: English version, Spanish version.

This Week: September 28 - October 4





3:30 pm

Kids’ Life Bible Club








9:00 am

Senior Singles Breakfast


9:30 am



5:00 pm

Cadet Campout


5:30 pm

Wedding Rehearsal


4:00 pm



5-8 pm

French Language Service Prayer Meeting


5-10 pm

Chin Saturday Night Church


9:00 am

Group Prayer Time


9:30 am

KCRC Morning Worship


12:30 pm

French Language Service


1:00 pm

Chin Language Service


5:30 pm

KCRC Evening Worship/ Discipleship Classes

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Click here to order coffee from, as part of an ongoing fundraiser to support Kelloggsville Youth Ministry.

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