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Kelloggsville Church

Statement of Purpose:

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- Sunday morning English-only worship service 9:30 am -
- Sunday evening Bilingual worship and Bible classes for all ages 5:30 pm -
Kelloggsville Church is located at 610 - 52nd St. SE 
On 52nd St. between Eastern and Division Avenues, Kentwood, MI

Sunday, December 6 at Kelloggsville

KCRC morning worship - 9:30 am

It is the second Sunday of Advent. Betsy DeVries is preaching a message on the song of Elizabeth as recorded in Luke 1:42-45.

french language service - 12:30 PM

French language service led by Pastors Mitogo Opira and Fran Mitogo. This independent group currently meets in Room 4 downstairs.

chin worship - 1:00 pm

Chin language service led by Pastor Bawi Lian. This independent congregation meets in the gym.

KCRC evening worship - 5:30 pm

Join us for our evening discipleship service for all ages. Bilingual (Eng/Span) opening worship, followed by Bible classes for all ages. Children/youth classes are in English only, and adults is English with Spanish translation.

This Week: November 30 - December 6





3:30 pm

Kids’ Life Bible Club


7:00 pm

Monday Men’s Group


12 Midnight

Chin Advent Service


7:00 pm

Search Committee


7:00 pm

Griv Prep Moms in Prayer


9:30 am

Joy Club


6:45 pm



6:45 pm



9:00 am

Senior Singles Breakfast


9:30 am



5-9 pm

Alliance FC Soccer


6:30-7:30 pm

TNT Soccer


5-10 pm

Chin Saturday Night Church


5-8 pm

French Prayer Group


9:00 am

Group Prayer Time


9:30 am

KCRC Morning Worship


12:30 pm

French Language Service


1:00 pm

Chin Language Service


5:30 pm

KCRC Evening Worship/ Discipleship Classes

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Click here to order coffee from, as part of an ongoing fundraiser to support Kelloggsville Youth Ministry.

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Joy Club

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