About Kelloggsville Church

Kelloggsville Church has a long, rich history, spanning over 140 years in its current location on the southeast side of Grand Rapids. At one time it stood in the village of “Kelloggsville”. Although the village no longer exists, the school district remains and we have kept the name as part of our identity. We belong to the Christian Reformed Church of North America (CRCNA). Regionally, we are part of a group of 18 churches known as Classis Grand Rapids South

Kelloggsville Church seeks to be a community of Christians engaged in making connections. Through God’s Spirit, we encounter people on their way toward Jesus, making connections as we grow in personal relationship with Jesus Christ, discover and use our spiritual gifts for ministry, and carry on our mission in God’s world.

God has called us to be a fellowship of His people in the world. We hope you'll connect with us!