What We Believe

God: We believe in God the Creating Father, Redeeming Son, and Comforting Spirit. 

Self: We believe that people are made in God's image with gifts, value, and purpose. As God invites us into a relationship, we constantly realize we have wasted gifts, devalued, and not lived up to our purpose. Through the gift of grace displayed brightly on the cross of Christ, we are reconciled back into purpose and value.

Church: We believe the church is a group of people gathered from every background as the target area of God's grace. The foundation of the church is the confession that Jesus Christ is LORD.  God gifted with the Word and Sacraments that we participate in through corporate worship. The purpose of the church is to encourage and edify the formation of faith in believers, and to participate in the Spirits redeeming work in all creation.

World: We believe the world is not something to be escaped, rather, a place that God is actively redeeming. We look forward to the day when all of creation will be made right, and value all of creation because of what it is becoming. It is our purpose to bring God glory in each aspect of the world.