Frequently Asked Questions

How would I know if church services were cancelled due to the weather? Sunday Worship/Weekday Ministry Cancellations: weather, check WOOD TV8 or WZZM TV13 for cancellations. What are the typical worship times? Worship times are 9:30 am and 5:30 pm. Evening services are bilingual (Spanish/English). There is also an independent Chin service held at 1:00 pm.Q: Why are you called Kelloggsville Christian Reformed Church?A: KELLOGGSVILLE: Kelloggsville CRC has stood in its present location for more than 135 years.  At one time it stood in the village of Kelloggsville. Although the village of Kelloggsville no longer exists, the school district remains and we have kept the name as part of our identity. CHRISTIAN: We call ourselves Christian because we belong to Jesus Christ and want to be his followers.  We recognize as fellow Christians all people who accept the teachings of the Bible as summarized in the Apostles’ Creed. REFORMED: We call ourselves Reformed because we’re part of that historic branch of the Christian church that arose from the Protestant Reformation. Our Reformed identity calls us to return to the Bible and apply our faith to all of life. CHURCH: We call ourselves Church because God has called us to be a fellowship of his people in the world.

Q: Do you baptize both infants and adults?

A: Yes.  We believe that children of Christian parents are included in God’s plan (covenant) of salvation. Therefore, infant baptism could more accurately be called the baptism of children of Christian parents.  Baptism is a sign of God’s promise and a child baptized as an infant still needs to make a commitment at the point of belief.  We also baptize believing adults who were not baptized as children.

Q: How often do you celebrate the Lord’s Supper(Communion)?  How is it handled and who can participate?

A: Ordinarily we celebrate the Lord’s Supper on the second Sunday of January, March, May, July, September, November and on Good Friday.  Occasionally this schedule varies.  On most occasions the trays of bread and juice are passed down each aisle.   Worshippers hold the elements in their hand until the pastor indicates, and all eat and drink together.  Occasionally we move by rows to communion stations.  All those who believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and have publicly professed their faith in a Christian church are invited to join us at the table of our Lord.