Profession Of Faith and Remembrance of Baptism


Baptism points us to our ultimate identity in Christ. This identity should shape our habits, our piety, and our daily life. The Christian life is a daily dying to sin and rising with Christ. At its best, our worship each week reminds us of our baptismal identity. In all of our worship we hear again God's gracious promises, remember that we live in union with Christ, and renew our own commitment to Christ. 

At Kelloggsville, public profession of faith is the culmination of baptism. Those who would like to profess their faith, by the Spirit, are welcomed as a member of the body of Christ and are welcomed to share in all of the bodies joys, confessions, laments, and supplications. 

What Next?

All those who are interested in professing their faith publicly are encouraged to do so. This public profession takes place during a time of corporate worship. But first, an individual is encouraged to take a pre-profession class where they learn deeply what it means to be a Christian in the Christian Reformed Denomination, participating at Kelloggsville and in the world.