What to Expect

Worship is for God, by the people, in the power of the Holy Spirit, because of Christ who died for us! 

At Kelloggsville, our worship service is planned each week by our pastor and worship leader, so that all elements of the service are as connected and work together. We praise God in song, we confess that we are sinful, we celebrate that we are saved by grace, we pray, we hear God's word preached, we give financial offerings, and we are encouraged and challenged for the week ahead. Because each service is planned separately, you can expect things to be a little different each week.

Our music is contemporary, and we use any and all instruments that can be represented by someone in the congregation. We use a praise team and instruments commonly played are acoustic guitar, electric bass, piano, and drums. Other instruments are incorporated on occasion, such as violin and saxophone. On occassion and when appropriate, we use the organ. We sing hymns and contemporary praise and worship songs.

Why Worship?

While faith is deeply personal, it is also rooted in community. Worshipping while in the company of other people, the relationships we can build with others in a community of faith, are blessings from God that we hope you will receive with gladness!

In worship, we connect with God and with other people who are on journeys of faith. Together, we learn about God through his word, the Bible, being preached. We lift our voices in song to praise God, pray for God's healing in our lives and in our world, and remember his promises to us.