Nursery & Children at Kelloggsville


The nursery is open during all Sunday church services. We have a wonderful nursery with age appropriate toys and games for both infants and toddlers. Our nursery coordinators are trained in CPR. The nursery is for 0-2 year olds during the morning service, and for 0-3 year olds during the evening service.

The nursery is located off of the main foyer, very near the sanctuary. 

Why do I sometimes see a number lit up above the door in the front southwest corner of the worship center? That display is our nursery call board. When parents bring their children to the nursery they receive a bracelet with a number that corresponds to the one placed on their child.  If the nursery attendant believes the parent should be summoned during the worship service, the child’s number will appear on the display.

Leader: Lisa Bosma

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