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Kelloggsville Church

Statement of Purpose:

This Week at Kelloggsville


Scheduled Time

Name of Event

Additional Details

Monday (2/1)

3:30 PM

Kidsí Life Bible Club

At Kelloggsville SE Elementary


5-9 PM

Alliance FC

Outside soccer training group that uses the gym


7:00 PM

Monday Menís Group

Room 4. All men post-HS and up are welcome for Bible study!

Tuesday (2/2)

5-9 PM

Alliance FC

The gym


7:00 PM

Grand River Prep Moms in Prayer

The upstairs prayer room


7:00 PM

Building & Grounds Mtg.

The Gathering Place

Wed. (2/3)

6:45 PM

Cadets and Gems

Boys club and girls club for students in grades 3-8.

Thursday (2/4)

9:00 AM

Senior Singles Breakfast

At Russí in Cutlerville.


9:30 AM


Support, social, and mentoring group for moms and their kids.


5-9 PM

Alliance FC

The gym


7:00 PM

Search Committee

The Gathering Place

Friday (2/5)

6:30-7:30 PM

TNT Soccer

Outside soccer training group that uses the gym

Saturday (2/6)

5-8 PM

French Prayer Group

Room 4


5-10 PM

Chin Sat. Night Church

The sanctuary, Rooms 5 & 6

Sunday (2/7)

9:00 AM

Group Prayer Time

The downstairs prayer room.


9:30 AM

KCRC Morning Worship

Rev. Esteban Lugo preaching.


12:30 PM

French Language Service

Led by Pastors Mitogo and Ulrich in the French language, this service takes place in Room 4 downstairs.


1:00 PM

Chin Worship

Chin language service led by Pastor Bawi Lian in the Chin Hakha dialect. This service  takes place in the gym.


5:30 PM

KCRC Evening Worship

Bilingual worship and discipleship classes for all ages.

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