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Kelloggsville Church

Statement of Purpose:


Please direct emails to Council to Council President Chris Mulder:



Rev. Ron Bouwkamp

Pastoral Council Member

Rev. Julie DeGraaf

Pastoral Council Member

Cindy B

Deacon - Chairperson

Chris Mulder

Deacon - President of Council

Scott Machiela


Sandra Raak


Kevin Wilson

Deacon - Treasurer of Council

Gary Bekker

Elder - Clerk of Council

Leonard DeRooy


Jason Ellis

Elder - Convener of Elders

Matt Huisman


Brian VanderBie


Deacons “represent and administer the mercy of Christ to all people and stimulate the members of Christ’s church to faithful, obedient stewardship of their resources on behalf of the needy.” (Church Order article 25c).  Thus, deacons are responsible to gather the gifts of God’s people and use them with discernment to help those who are in need. They are also responsible to “provide a sound financial structure for the Church to enable it to carry forward its ministry goals and vision for God’s Kingdom” (KCRC Operational Policy Manual 6121). The deacons accomplish these tasks in cooperation with the Service Leaders and pastoral staff.

Elders shall be responsible for “the spiritual well-being of God’s people. They must provide true preaching and teaching, regular celebration of the sacraments, and faithful counsel and discipline.  They must promote fellowship and hospitality among believers, ensure good order in the church and stimulate witness to all people.” (Form for Ordination) In accordance with various church order articles, elders shall have ultimate decision making authority in the areas of the sacraments, education, membership, and worship.  However, these tasks shall be accomplished through and in cooperation with the staff and in particular with the pastoral staff and the Shepherd Leaders.

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