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Kelloggsville Church

Statement of Purpose:


Q: Where is your church located?

A: We are at 610 52nd Street in Kentwood.  That is between Eastern and Division (about 1/6 of a mile from Eastern), on the south side of 52nd Street. Click here to map it!

Q: What are your Sunday worship times?

A: Worship times are 9:30 am and 5:30 pm. Evening services are bilingual (Spanish/English). There is also an independent Chin service held at 1:00 pm.

Q: What are your church’s office hours?

A: Our church office is open Monday through Thursday from 9:00AM-4:00PM. We are closed on Fridays.

Q: Why are you called Kelloggsville Christian Reformed Church?

A: KELLOGGSVILLE: Kelloggsville CRC has stood in its present location for more than 135 years.  At one time it stood in the village of Kelloggsville. Although the village of Kelloggsville no longer exists, the school district remains and we have kept the name as part of our identity. CHRISTIAN: We call ourselves Christian because we belong to Jesus Christ and want to be his followers.  We recognize as fellow Christians all people who accept the teachings of the Bible as summarized in the Apostles’ Creed. REFORMED: We call ourselves Reformed because we’re part of that historic branch of the Christian church that arose from the Protestant Reformation. Our Reformed identity calls us to return to the Bible and apply our faith to all of life. CHURCH: We call ourselves Church because God has called us to be a fellowship of his people in the world.

Q: Do you baptize both infants and adults?

A: Yes.  We believe that children of Christian parents are included in God’s plan (covenant) of salvation. Therefore, infant baptism could more accurately be called the baptism of children of Christian parents.  Baptism is a sign of God’s promise and a child baptized as an infant still needs to make a commitment at the point of belief.  We also baptize believing adults who were not baptized as children.

Q: How often do you celebrate the Lord’s Supper(Communion)?  How is it handled and who can participate?

A: Ordinarily we celebrate the Lord’s Supper on the second Sunday of January, March, May, July, September, November and on Good Friday.  Occasionally this schedule varies.  On most occasions the trays of bread and juice are passed down each aisle.   Worshippers hold the elements in their hand until the pastor indicates, and all eat and drink together.  Occasionally we move by rows to communion stations.  All those who believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and have publicly professed their faith in a Christian church are invited to join us at the table of our Lord.

Q: Is it okay if I bring my infant into the worship service?

A: We have wonderful nursery facilities with CPR trained coordinators and a great Children’s Worship ministry for 3 year-olds through 2nd grade available during most morning worship services. So we do encourage you to make use of those when they are in session. However, we realize that often parents prefer to keep their infants with them until a certain age and we welcome their presence in the worship service. We do ask that you be considerate of those sitting near you should your baby become fussy. If you need to take your child out,  you can still view the worship service on a closed circuit TV in either the nursery or the library.

Q: Why do I sometimes see a number lit up above the door in the front southwest corner of the worship center?

A: That display is our nursery call board. When parents bring their children to the nursery they receive a bracelet with a number that corresponds to the one placed on their child.  If the nursery attendant believes the parent should be summoned during the worship service, the child’s number will appear on the display.  

Q: What happens to the money we give?

A: The first offering every Sunday morning is for the local and denominational needs of KCRC.  Our members make prayerful pledges to support this ministry and they use their envelopes and that offering opportunity to fulfill their various pledges. Twice a month there is a second offering for specific ministries of the Christian Reformed denomination or for a local non-profit agency or ministry. All contribution records at KCRC are confidential. We invite but do not expect our guests to participate in the offerings.

Q: Do you have ministries for people of all ages?

A: Yes!  They are all listed here on our website. For more details on any of the ministries listed on this website, contact the church office (534-0085; info@kcrc.org).

Q: What is your worship style?

A: A worship style is most often described by the music that is used.  Our music is primarily contemporary and we use a praise team and a variety of musical instruments.  When appropriate, we use other art forms such as drama and liturgical dance.  We seek to honor God by worshipping in spirit and in truth, using a variety of methods while maintaining the traditional message of salvation.

Q: What is Sunday Evening IMPACT?

A: IMPACT is the name for our evening bilingual (Spanish/English) worship time. We gather as a large group for worship, then split into classes by age for Bible teaching. We end our time as a large group over a meal.

Q: How do you care for your members?

A: Shepherd Leaders and Elders are responsible for the spiritual care of church members. Every member has a Shepherd Leader who is in contact with them regularly, and members are encouraged to contact their Shepherd Leader with any personal concerns, joys, etc.

Q: What are the steps I should follow to become a member of Kelloggsville Church?

A: We offer a Discover Kelloggsville / New Members class 2 or 3 times a year as needed.  We strongly encourage all new members, including CRC transfers, to attend that class to become familiar with KCRC’s vision and ministries.  Further membership steps are outlined at the class.  

Q: How can I become involved in ministry?

A: A Christian is called to serve and therefore we encourage all our members to be involved in some area of ministry. Volunteers are needed at all times during the year, but especially they are needed in the fall when many of the “school year” ministries start up. We encourage you to look around and see what ministry interests you.  The staff would love to help you find your place in the church. Email the church office at info@kcrc.org with any questions you may have.

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