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Kelloggsville Church

Statement of Purpose:


These are the missionaries we support at Kelloggsville, both financially and in prayer:

George & Sarah de Vuyst

George and Sarah serve with Christian Reformed World Missions in Kyiv, Ukraine.  They work with missionaries, participating in outreach to Ukrainian and Russian speakers. Sarah works as a teacher in the Christian Academy.  George develops training opportunities for leaders in the Reformed Churches of the region who desire to share Christ with friends and neighbors. Click here to go to George and Sarah’s Website.

Lee Warsen

Lee is a registered nurse who works for the Serving In Mission (SIM) Retirement Village in Sebring, FL. She provides for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the village residents, all of whom were long-term missionaries overseas before their retirement. Click here to learn more about SIM.

Leanne Geisterfer

Leanne works for WorldRenew in Honduras. Her husband Caspar also works with her in Honduras with CRWM. Their mission is to enable the Honduran people to educate their children, grow food crops and sell them for just prices, learn to read and write, and to attain a deeper understanding of the Bible. Click here to read more about the work of WorldRenew in Honduras.

Josh and Mandy Shaarda

Tim and Angie Sliedrecht

Josh and Mandy and Tim and Angie work in service to God in Soroti, Uganda. Their ministry goals are to train Ugandan missionaries and pastors, bring the Gospel to those in darkness, and help civil-war and AIDS victims, widows and orphans. Click here to go to the Shaardas website, Click here to go to the Sliedrechts website.

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