Service Leaders

610 - 52nd St. SE  Kentwood, MI 49548   Phone: 616-534-0085   Fax: 616-534-9920   Prayer Line: 616-534-0868   Email:

Kelloggsville Church

Statement of Purpose:


Please direct Service Leader emails to



Dick Bolt

Emergency Assistance Coordinator, Transportation Coordinator

Margie Brummel

Special Projects Coordinator

Mari Kuipers


Jean Meines

Missions Coordinator

Melanie Doezema

Interim Hospitality Coordinator

Service Leaders provide leadership to Kelloggsville Church in the areas of service and mercy. They promote an attitude of Christlike servanthood, encouraging all members to follow Christís example in helping those who are in need. They plan and coordinate service projects in which the entire church is invited to participate according to their gifts and skills. They provide financial assistance and other forms of support to those who are in need, both inside and outside the church.

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